The JZ Real Estate Selling Process

What is a selling agent?

A selling agent is a licensed real estate agent who specialises in acting on behalf of the vendor. The selling agent is paid a commission by the vendor to prepare the property for sale; write the marketing campaign, list the property on distribution portals, conduct open home inspections, establish a list of potential buyers, provide campaign feedback to the vendor, negotiate the price and terms with buyers and assist with the exchange of the contract of sale and purchase of land. Their core skills should be personable, research and analysis, negotiation and project management. Their background experience should be in sales, management, investment, banking, development, renovation or real estate. They must understand; property markets and competition conditions, develop a workable marketing campaign strategy and deliver the best result for the vendor.

The selling agent follows general rules as scheduled in the Property, Stock and Business Agents Regulation 2014. 

Market appraisal inspection

Invite the selling agent to inspect your property. We spend as much time getting to know to you, the property and understand your selling objectives.


Your property selling campaign presentation

The selling agent will prepare a sales inspection report, market appraisal, FTR32 (vendor fact sheet), agency agreement and a specific marketing campaign and budget that is best suited for your property.  The selling agent will schedule a consultation and present the information to you. If you are happy with the service and campaign, we proceed to signing the selling agency agreement.     

Your property marketing campaign and fee

The selling agent has prepared a campaign that will provide you the best result. We use a combination of resources and tools to present the property to the market. Your property has key features that we want to express to the market on your behalf. Therefore the fee is dependent on your budget, the distribution methods available and the property key features. You will be pleasantly surprised how much reach and the value for money you receive when combining the options. The campaign fee is paid upfront. 

Description, Content and Price Guide

The words we use are important therefore we spend as much time as needed to get content perfect. The description and content is written by a professional. The key features are highlighted and distributed via all the campaign mediums. The price guide is set in accordance with Property, Stock and Business Agents Regulations and Act.  

Professional Photo Package

Floor Plan and Site Plan

Short and Long video clips

Property Brochure 

Aerial Photography 


"A picture paints a 1000 words". We recommend a HERO shot for your property which becomes the leading photo in the campaign. In addition we offer a professional photo package capturing the essence of each area. We create short and long videos for social media platforms.  When a buyer leaves the inspection we offer a 4 page A4 brochure double sided colour 300 gsm brochure so the buyer won't forget your property after a big day of inspections. 

Pre-market Campaign

We have a standardised pre-market campaign that is effective and creates a pool of qualified buyers before the 1st open inspection.  

Internet Portals

Social Media Distribution 

Unique Property Website

We use the familiar internet portals such as and Whilst these platforms are great, we also offer an unique property website just for your property. This website link is distributed across all our mediums, especially social media, which means buyers are not being distracted by other properties. We specialise in social media target audience profiling and offer in-house sponsored, organic and free social media distribution.

Building and Pest Report

We understand buyers are frustrated buying expensive building and pest reports, therefore we recommend you source an independent building and pest report where buyers can easily download at a fraction of the original cost. *conditions apply. This is a smart and effective way for buyers to focus on your property. 


By Tender

Private Treaty

You have the choice to sell your property via auction, tender or private treaty. Each method has its benefits and during the consultation the selling agent will discuss the best method for your sale. 

Inspection Schedule

Every bit of detail counts and this includes the inspection schedule. We check current buyer inspection trends, school holidays and any major local events. We also plan the best time to maximise the natural light and enough time for you to prepare the property for inspection.

Our commission

The commission you pay for the service is 1.925% inc GST of the selling price. We consider ourselves a bespoke agency and believe our rates are very competitive in combination with receiving excellent value for money. *commission is also dependent on location, type of property and special selling requirements. 

Preparing your property for sale

Selling your home or investment is one of the biggest transactions you will do. Generally the complete sale process, the moment you say 'yes I am going to sell' to settlement is about ~12 weeks. We believe one of our greatest strengths is diligently preparing your sale and guiding you through the process from start to finish. We understand that you need to allocate the time, balance your work, life and family commitments, therefore our attitude is "act and serve in the best interest of the vendor".

The selling agent will prescribe a list of things to do which will enhance the profile of the property. Our aim is to create that wow factor every time it is seen on the internet or during an inspection. During this period we are implementing the agreed marketing campaign.  

Your property is live

The property looks great and your selling agent starts taking enquires and begins the inspection schedule. The selling agents' focus is now on the buyer feedback, exploring offers and keeping interested parties well informed. 

The selling campaign

The hard work preparing the property is complete. The best part is now ahead and the selling agent will work 24/7 to achieve the price you want. There is no doubt there will be tough decisions and excitement along the way. The expert selling agent mastery will ensure you have the best real estate experience all the way to settlement. 

Exchange of the contract for sale and purchase of land

The selling agent leads this phase and will coordinate with all parties involved to ensure a smooth transaction for you. 


Your solicitor will take the lead on this, however the selling agent will ensure you are prepared for the transaction. This includes moving out tips for the big change and a pre-settlement inspection by the buyer. 

Congratulations! you made it

Making the transition from a home seller into the next phase is not easy. The reward is financial security and a new horizon to look forward to. As an investor your reward is the ROI and the comfort knowing your financial security is one step closer.