What is a property manager?

A property manager holds a certificate of registration or real estate licence who acts on behalf of the landlord. The property manager is paid a fee based on a percentage of the rental income generated from the landlord's property. The property manager is responsible for preparing the property for lease, present tenant applications to the landlord, facilitate the condition report process, coordinate a maintenance schedule, prepare agency and tenant agreements and receipt rental payments and distribute rental income to the landlord.

Their core skills should be personable, project management, research and time management. Their background experience should be in sales, management or real estate. They must understand property maintenance, tenant and landlord concerns and deliver consistent results. 

The property manager follows specific rules as scheduled in the Property, Stock and Business Agents Regulation 2014

Choose a service?


You have a property that is suitable for a six month lease or longer.  

Short Term

You have a property that has unique characteristics and features, therefore suitable for short periods. For example, expectational location, high in demand area or can host special events. 


You have a property that is best suited for corporate or business tenants and their employees. The lease terms can be short or long term. 

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Get to know you and the property

We schedule a consultation and inspect your property. We discuss your objectives, options and marketing plan. We can do this during or after business hours in person or via most video conference applications

Receive the management proposal and landlord agency agreement

We provide you a residential, short term or corporate proposal with an enclosed agency agreement. This will include a schedule of fees, charges and landlord responsbilities 

Service cycle we deliver to you


Tenant Applications

Tenant Relations 

Maintenance and Repairs

Monthly Statements 

Lease Renewals or Completion

Investment property performance review