What is property advice?

Property advice is provided by a professional who has the appropriate qualifications and expertise. These include holding an industry standard accredited advisor competency, hold a real estate license and RG146 General or Investment Advice qualifications.  The combination is supported by specific professional indemnity insurance and this ensures you are receiving the best advice for your circumstances.

Choose a service?

The best way to decide is to self answer these questions. I have decided to sell? I have decided buy? or I am undecided whether I should sell, buy or renovate? If you are undecided then the perfect place to start is with advice.  


The smartest and effective way to start. You ask for specific property advice, we shall spend time providing you the necessary advice during the consultation. This is only $495 inc GST. Using this service as a starting point can save you thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars by avoiding costly mistakes.

Optional Reports

In addition to our standard reporting across all services, we also use a 3rd party independent property research and analysis company. RiskWise reviews equity and cash flow risk across your portfolio. These reports are helpful when making an informed decision.  

Buy and Sell Transition Plan

Our point of difference is this service. The simplicity is we sell your home and buy your next home. This is a huge project for any family and requires an agent who can bring together this project in a cost effective and timely manner.  This is only $330 inc GST.

Property Portfolio Plan

To be eligible for this service you need a combination of the following:

  • A significant amount of cash.
  • Equity in property. 
  • An income stream. 
  • An appetite to borrow large amounts of money.
  • A broad understanding of your superannuation, family responsibilities, travel endeavours and employment future. 
  • The fee is based on a % of the value of the portfolio and provided on request. 

Renovation Projects

A specialised service where our project manager brings your idea into reality. We use a combination of our in-house services and other professional services to find, buy, renovate hold or sell the property project. The fee is provided when requested.