Auction Bidding only

Is the thought of attending an auction sending shivers down your spine, making your palms sweaty?  Are you overseas and can’t physically attend. Let us take all the stress out of your purchase. We will independently represent you at auction.

You find the property and manage all the preparations. We shall prepare the bidding limit and authority to bid with you. On auction day we shall register your interest and bid on your behalf using our years of skills and experience to get the lowest possible price on auction day. 

Property Purchase - Self Direct

Found a property you love and don’t know what to do next. Let us take control and manage the rest of the purchase process for you. We will prepare an appraisal of the property and negotiate on your behalf. We will assist you in arranging your pre-purchase inspections, preparing and making offers and or attending auction on your behalf.  

Property Purchase - Full Service  

Time poor and don’t have time to inspect properties let alone search for them. Getting caught up in misleading adverts only to find out the property was not what you were expecting. Frustrated at all the underquoting, paying for inspections and legal services, then to be sold way beyond your budget.

Not only will we be able to sift through a minefield of information, shortlist them, appraise properties, when you finally find the one you want, we will negotiate the purchase of property on your behalf. 

This includes managing pre-purchase reports, offer strategies and bidding at auction on your behalf.